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Dick Oshlo, the acting director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development (who is also the governor’s budget director) and the agency’s spokesperson, have argued in the last 24 hours that the state is not under a contractual obligation — (on the hook) — to make pay some of the state tax credits to film makers because. they say, an application for a credit is not a contract for a credit.

But now, a statement from the Iowa Attorney General’s office counters that.

“It is the Attorney General’s responsibility to determine the State’s obligations and liabilities under the Film Tax Credit Program, and we are working on that intensively. The State’s obligations and liabilities may not be determined solely by whether a contract has been signed by the parties, and statements by State officials to that effect are mistaken,” reads the statement from the Attorney General’s office (emphasis added by me). “We understand the difficulties suspension of the program poses for companies doing business in Iowa, and we will weigh that carefully case by case as state officials determine how best to proceed.”

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