Krause is sour on Senate Finance health care bill

I missed this in the crush of email. It involves lemons, lemonade, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-New Hartford, Iowa) and Bob Krause of Fairfield, a Democrat who wants to run against Grassley in 2010. Krause uses the word “quaff” twice in their news release. Read it below.

U. S. Senate candidate Bob Krause Calls for Lemonade Party Today To Call Attention to “lemon” Health Care Bill Proposed by Baucus-Grassley

Bob Krause, Democratic Candidate for the U.S. Senate, is asking Iowans to quaff a lemonade this morning (Tuesday) at 9 a.m. to draw attention to the beginning of public hearings on the health care reform bill that has emerged from the Senate Finance Committee.

“Nothing that Senator Max Baucus of Montana is chair of the committee and that Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa is the ranking member, Krause said that both will have the opportunity to defend their work. “Their bill has been widely criticized and has been called the “Insurance Industry Profit Protection and Enforcement Act” for a former executive with Cigna, a national health insurance company,” said Krause.

“Ironically, this lemon of a bill is one that Grassley helped to craft at the same time he was telling supporters on Aug. 10 that he has always ‘been opposed to the Obama administration’s plan to nationalize health care’,” Krause pointed out.

“Now, the charade is over and Senator Grassley is on record as opposing his own bill, as are nearly all Senate Republicans,” said Krause.

“Given the lemon that has been offered by the Senators from Iowa and Montana after these many months of huffing and puffing, let us all hope that enough of the Senate will come to our rescue and turn this lemon into lemonade,” said Krause, noting the hearings will begin this morning at 9 a.m.

“Quaff and Enjoy! But be sure to use lots of sugar!” Krause urged his fellow Iowans.

Krause, a native of northwest Iowa, lives in Fairfield with his wife, Vicky. A former state legislator, Krause presently serves as chair of the Iowa Democratic Veterans Caucus. He is also a past president of the Reserve Officers Association of Iowa. Voters can learn more about his campaign at

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