“Draft Branstad” PAC formed

There's a Twitter account.  And an announcement, via Facebook (haven't received a thing in my email in-box yet, however).  And a website.  On that website there's a one-minute-long video with just music and graphics — plus lots of pictures of Terry Branstad when he was governor and a few of him at Des Moines University, where is currently serving as president.  There are 14 pictures of a very young, dark haired Terry Branstad (when he was governor), including one picture of him with then-President Ronald Reagan, but only four pictures of the modern day Terry Branstad. 

UPDATE:  At 9:45 a.m. I did receive, via email, a news release which you can read below.  The subject line of the email read: Draf Branstad PAC Formed.  (That would be a "T" for "Terry" that was left out of the first word.)  Here's the Radio Iowa story.


Des Moines, Iowa – Former State Legislator Sandy Greiner officially announces the formation of “Draft Branstad PAC” today. Draft Branstad PAC is an organization formed to encourage former Governor Terry Branstad to run for Governor of Iowa.

“Everywhere I go, everyone asks me‐‐ how can we get Terry Branstad to run for Governor? Like so many Iowans, I desire experienced leadership in these challenging times our state faces. Therefore, I decided to organize an effort to encourage Governor Branstad to run. He is an experienced, proven leader Iowans can rely on, and has an outstanding record to campaign on if our efforts can help convince him to run,” said Greiner.

Greiner continued, “Governor Branstad was born and raised in rural Iowa, earned his education in Iowa, raised his family in Iowa, and has dedicated his life to serving people. Governor Branstad is what Iowa needs and Iowans need to convince him to run. He is Iowa.”

Governor Branstad is a tested, experienced leader. Governor Branstad’s abilities were tested time and again as governor – leading Iowa through the farm crisis and later during the devastating floods in 1993. Under his leadership, Iowa saw balanced budgets, tax cuts, and robust growth in our economy. He made Iowa a leader in the world in education.

Governor Branstad, a Catholic, was a staunch supporter of school choice during his governorship, believing that parents make the best decisions about their childrens education. He also is a real pro‐life leader, having signed a parental notification bill into law – even gaining Democrat support to pass this pro‐life legislation. Also, in 1998, Governor Branstad signed SF 2073 into law, a bill that banned partial birth abortions.

Governor Branstad also worked to gain passage of the Defense of Marriage Act, a bill that defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. That landmark bill signed by Governor Branstad was just recently struck down by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Since Governor Branstad left the governorship, he has continued to serve Iowans. Currently, he is President of Des Moines University, a private medical school based in Des Moines. Des Moines University’s graduates are vital to rural health care in Iowa. In fact, many of the schools graduates from their programs are found in town after town in Iowa, ensuring quality, accessible healthcare for all Iowans.

Greiner concluded, “Terry Branstad loves Iowa. He is a man we can trust and count on his experience to lead our state forward if we can convince him to run. If you share my hope and desires for this man to help lead our state toward a better future, please join our efforts to urge him to become a candidate. Visit our website at www.DraftBranstad.com to view our video and join our efforts.”

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