Grassley, again, on pulling the plug on grandma

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-New Hartford, Iowa) was a guest on this morning's edition of "Face the Nation" on CBS.  Host Bob Schieffer pressed Grassley on the statements Grassley made in Winterset earlier this month in which Grassley said Americans have "every right to fear" provisions in a House health care reform bill which some argue would pull the plug on grandma.

"You're not saying that this legislation would pull the plug on grandma, you're just saying there are a lot of people out there who think that it would. Do you want to say this morning that that is not true, that it won't do that?" Schieffer asked Grassley.  

"Well, it won't do that," Grassley said in response.

A few moments before that exchange, Grassley told Schieffer the public's fears were justified (as he argued in Winterset, Iowa) because the bills under development seek to reduce Medicare costs and end of life care is a big cost for the program — and the public assumes end of life care is a priority area for cost-cutting.

"The Pelosi bill doesn't intend to do that, but that's where it leads people to," Grassley said.

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