Braley fuels “Grassley v. Braley in 2010” idea

Congressman Bruce Braley (D-Waterloo, Iowa) has penned an op-ed for the HuffPo.  Read excerpts below:

As the important health care debate in Congress moves forward, certain members of the Senate insist on moving backwards. One of those Senators is my friend and constituent, Chuck Grassley.

For someone who claims he wants to help forge a bipartisan health care plan, Senator Grassley sure isn't acting very bipartisan. In fact, he's been behaving like someone who wants to see meaningful health care reform defeated.

….During his nearly thirty years serving in the Senate, Senator Grassley has earned a reputation as a "straight shooter" — someone who has been willing to take on powerful special interests even when his party has supported those special interests. He's also been someone who may disagree with with you on policy, but has not resorted to playing loose with the facts to fit his point of view.

That's why his recent behavior has been so disappointing.

….Senator Grassley is in a stronger position than just about anyone to bring Republicans on board with Democrats to achieve the health care reform we need. But when he uses the same rhetoric as pundits advising Republicans to "just kill it" and a Republican Senator who wants to make health care President Obama's "Waterloo," why would the President or Senator Baucus think he is their ally in achieving meaningful health care reform?

Sadly, it appears that Senator Grassley has decided to put his party before what's best for the people of this country.

Grassley communications director Jill Kozeny responds: 

“Congressman Braley is the one who might like to go backwards and change his vote for Speaker Pelosi’s fatally flawed health care bill.  It does nothing to reduce health care costs, piles on deficit spending and sets in motion a government takeover of the health care system.  The Pelosi bill, which Congressman Braley voted for in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has been rejected loud and clear at the grass roots.  Unfortunately, it looks like Congressman Braley put his party duties as Vice Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ahead of Iowans.  Meanwhile, Senator Grassley is moving forward by working for a viable alternative that would actually lower health care costs for employers, employees and families.  He’s working to stop reform that would bankrupt the next generation and put government bureaucrats between you and your doctor.  Bruce Braley can stand with Nancy Pelosi.  Senator Grassley is standing with Iowans.”

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