Grassley a target

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-New Hartford, Iowa) is at the center of the health care debate in the nation's capitol and he'll find himself at the center of debate tomorrow when he begins his series of town hall meetings in Iowa. Grassley says he welcomes "all points of view."

The folks who organized the "Tea Party" in Des Moines this past spring are encouraging their folks to turn out tomorrow in Adel for Grassley's appearance there.

Iowans for Tax Relief sent out an email alert yesterday, urging ITR members to give Grassley a piece of their mind, too.  There were five exclamation points in the opening paragraph!

ALERT!!! Senator Charles Grassley has been working with Democrats on a health care reform package. Moving toward a single-payer health care system is not a good idea! Government cannot and should not make decisions about your health care. It should be between you, your family, and the doctor you have personally chosen. Help protect this freedom by getting involved!

This Wednesday, August 12, Senator Charles Grassley is hosting four town hall meetings to hear from his constituents. I encourage your participation at one of these town hall meetings to respectfully and politely share your concerns about a single-payer health care system. Americans want health care reform to address problems; not reform which continues to erode away our freedoms…

(ITR provided Grassley's public schedule for Wednesday. Here's a link to Grassley's "Iowa Events" schedule which features all his public events, not just tomorrow's.)

Ed Failor, Jr.
President, Iowans for Tax Relief

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