Apps in for part of I-JOBS money

Over 12 dozen communities and organizations have submitted an application for a state I-JOBS grant for a local infrastructure projects. Applicants asked for a total of $333 million; there's $118.5 million available. Read the release from the governor's office below; there's a link embedded in the release if you want to read all 136 applications.

DES MONIES – A total of 136 communities and organizations from 47 counties across the state have submitted an application for funding from the Local Infrastructure Program of the Culver/Judge I-JOBS initiative. In total, these applicants are requesting $333,619,449 from the competitive portion of the Local Infrastructure Program. Applications were due yesterday.

“These applications, from communities and organizations all across our state, show there is both great interest in and need for the opportunities supported by I-JOBS,” said Governor Culver. “Throughout Iowa there are hundreds of projects ready for construction that address real infrastructure needs in these communities, as well as improve our economy, create jobs, and continue our efforts to work our way out of the recession.”

The I-JOBS Local Infrastructure program includes $165 million in two areas. First, $46.5 million is set aside to assist specific projects in communities that were devastated during last year’s historic storms and floods. Most of these funds were allocated to projects on June 29.

Second, the applications announced today are competing for $118.5 million. These funds are available for communities, counties and nonprofit organizations sponsoring projects related to disaster rebuilding, the construction and replacement of local public buildings, flood control and flood protection, and future flood prevention. 

The Iowa Finance Authority administers the I-JOBS Local Infrastructure Program. Over the next few weeks, staff there will review applications, ensuring that they meet threshold requirements. Those that do will be forwarded to the Review Committee of the I-JOBS Board of Directors. Review Committee members will further review and score the applications and make recommendations to the I-JOBS Board to approve, deny or defer each application. The I-JOBS Board will meet August 31 in Waterloo to consider the Review Committee’s recommendations.

A summary of the applications received is attached. All applications, in their entirety, as well as additional information about the I-JOBS initiative, are available online at

The Culver/Judge I-JOBS program will invest a total of $830 million over the next two years to create and retain jobs, strengthen the economy, recover from last year’s natural disasters, and improve Iowa’s infrastructure. The funds will be used to upgrade Iowa’s roads and bridges, invest in renewable energy projects, improve water quality, and upgrade public facilities such as the Iowa Veterans Home. I-JOBS is funded with existing gaming revenue, meaning no increase in taxes.

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