Pleasantries were exchanged

This morning Governor Chet Culver handed out 15 "Iowa Environmental Excellence Awards" to businesses and groups. The Pella-based Vermeer Corporation was among the recipients, honored (as were two others) with the "Governor's Environmental Excellence Award."  Mary Vermeer Andringa is the company's president and CEO and she was present in the governor's office for the award ceremony.

Culver had been shaking hands with each group of recipients, telling them, "Good job" and "Congratuations."  However, Culver had more to say to Andringa, a woman some Republicans tried to convince to run for governor in 2010.  Andringa said in May she would not run.  Culver, a Democrat, is seeking reelection in 2010.

"It's nice to see you," Culver said as he shook Andringa's hand. She expressed similar sentiments, then the two posed with the award (some sort of glass hardware) and the photographer snapped a picture.  The emcee of the event continued to talk about Vermeer; Andringa said something to Culver (I was on the other side of the room and couldn't hear what the two were saying at this time) and Culver said something back.

As Andringa and her Vermeer colleagues walked away to make way for the next honorees, Culver concluded the brief exchange — which lasted about 30 seconds – by saying, "Good job." (Good job" was the governor's parting comment to each award recipient.)

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