Culver comments publicly on Burt “cases”

Governor Chet Culver just answered questions from a group of statehouse reporters who asked about Representative Kerry Burt's situation.  Download the mp3 to listen to Culver's comments.  (Here's some background on Burt's case.)

Should Burt resign?

"That's really a decision Mr. Burt needs to make along with his family and his constituents and perhaps his lawyers," Culver said. "But we have two criminal proceedings moving forward and the outcome of those proceedings might impact his decision, I would imagine."

Is Culver peeved Burt name dropped?

"Well, you know in this job you get used to kind of rolling with the punches and he had a 1.3 blood alcohol level and he said a lot of things, I'm sure, that he regrets at this point," Culver replied.  (Culver said 1.3, but probably meant 0.13 as the report says Burt's blood alcohol level was 0.13. At 11:40 a.m. Culver press secretary Troy Price confirmed the governor meant 0.13.)

Back with more in a moment.

What did you (governor) think of what Burt had to say in the video?

"Obviously this is a very serious legal matter and I think very troubling to see how dangerous this situation really was," Culver said. "But because it's a pending legal matter I'm not going to comment further."

Are you upset that he tried to link you with that evening?

"No. I was with Mr. Burt for all of about 30 minutes at a dinner with about 15 people.  I have no idea what he did after I left that dinner at 8:55," Culver said.  "I was home at nine o'clock. He was arrested at 2 a.m. and I have no idea, really, what he did between nine and two."

Have you been in contact with him personally?

"No, not at all," Culver said.

You mentioned there are two crminal proceedings.  Are there charges pending in the Price Lab situation?

"I think there's an ongoing criminal investigation," Culver said.

You don't have inside information that charges are pending?"

"NoI at this point, but I expect there will be more information forthcoming with more details," Culver said.

Have you seen the video?

"I have not," Culver said.

Was there drinking at the reception and did you have a drink yourself?

"There was some alcohol that was served at the pharmacy reception," Culver said. "I had a glass of wine and had a quick dinner and went home."

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