Grassley blocks over ethanol

U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is using his power as a senator to block President Obama's nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Brazil.

During a conference call with Iowa reporters, Grassley said the following: "Today, I'm sending a letter to secretary of state and the U.S. trade representative clarifying the president's position on the ethanol tariff.  I want an answer from the administration before the Senate votes on the nomination of Thomas Shannon as ambassador to Brazil.
      "The questions come up because of what Mr. Shannon said during his nomination hearing earlier this month.  He said removal of the tariff would be, quote, unquote, "beneficial."  This contradicts what Obama had said as a senator and as a candidate.  It's also different from a majority opinion expressed by Congress last year.
      "A growing U.S. renewable energy sector will decrease U.S. reliance on foreign fuels.  Otherwise, we'll risk going down the path of replacing U.S. dependence on foreign oil with U.S. dependence on foreign ethanol.  Given the confusing statements of the president's nominee, we need a clear signal of what the president's stance is on this now that he's president."
On another issue, CBS News Legal Editor writes a blog post almost exclusively about Grassley's "no" on Sotomayor.

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