A Grassley rebuke

The American Future Fund, an Iowa-based group trying to rebuild the conservative brand, issued an email "alert" to its supporters and followers yesterday.  The word shocking is used liberally in the opening paragraphs and there are six hyperlinks in the copy ("Contact Senator Grassley now" and the references to emailing Grassley) that take you to the American Future Fund website.  The condensed version:  they don't like Grassley's willingness to be a behind-the-scenes participant in health care reform negotiations. They also have an anger hang-over about that Medicare prescription drug benefit. 

Grassley, by the way, is up for reelection in 2010.  Read the AFF email below:   .

In a shocking bit of candor, Sen. Charles Grassley was yesterday quoted in the Quad City Times:

"I would suggest there have been some Republicans who haven't been looking at the polls," he said in his weekly conference calls with Iowa reporters. "If we don't do something on health-care reform, the voters are more apt to blame Republicans than Democrats."

This outrageous statement only proves one thing: Sen. Grassley is looking at the government-run health care debate with visions of polls and politics in his head, NOT with the patients in mind.


Contact Sen. Grassley right now.

We would remind Senator Grassley that he also found it politically expedient to add the prescription drug coverage to Medicare, costing the American taxpayers trillions in new costs.

The Senator no doubt remembers his flagrant support of the expansion of SCHIP at a cost of hundreds of billions more.

How did that work out for your Republicans, Senator Grassley? Not well at all, as conservatives find themselves mired in the minority. Further, The Wall Street Journal notes that these a) did not change the structure of an entire industry b) equal small change – compared to what’s being attempted today.

What they DID do, however, is create new bureaucratic spending programs that are busting the budget and ballooning the deficit – and adding MORE debt for future generations every single year. And now, out of perceived political expediency, Senator Grassley believes we should pile onto that through an ever-expanding program that would dwarf these?

Contact Sen. Grassley right now.

However, there is something WE can do. You see, in that same QC Times article, they singled out American Future Fund members and their efforts to oppose government-run health care, proving our efforts are getting noticed! We must keep up the momentum! Send Senator Grassley an email by clicking here, and ask him to stop his misguided politics.

We know being a conservative grassroots activist like you is a tough job – especially when it seems like politicians don’t notice and aren’t listening. But thanks to your efforts thus far, the media IS noticing and the politicians can’t afford to ignore you anymore.

NOW, when America is on the brink of the largest socialization in the history of our country – government control of our health care system – Grassley simply says we must do so to be politically expedient.

Can you believe that the most powerful Republican in the debate on government-run health care is acting more like a political pundit than a policy maker?

Contact Sen. Grassley right now.

Not so fast, Senator Grassley. Send Senator Grassley an email by clicking here, and ask him to stop playing political pundit – badly.

You see, what the Senator fails to understand is, the “credit” the Republicans take for passing the bill will later be BLAME. That’s right – blame for declining care, blame for skyrocketing costs for taxpayers, blame for tax increases and worst of all – blame for destroying the economic backbone of our country’s monetary structure in the form of trillions and trillions in deficits.

No thanks, Senator Grassley. Send Senator Grassley an email by clicking here, and ask him to stop this takeover.

Simply put, rather than bowing and caving to what he perceives as political pressure, perhaps the senator should instead to the hard work of educating the American people – not take the easy way out by socializing the system because he thinks the polls will make him look good.

Contact Sen. Grassley right now.

Senator Grassley, we know that government-run health care is not the answer. We only need look overseas and to the north, at our neighbors, to see the shambles of their systems. America is the last, best and greatest hope for the world. Don’t steal that away from future generations just to score some political points.

AFF members – help us save this country. Email Senator Grassley today. Then, forward it to your friends – because it’s that important.

This message brought to you by the American Future Fund, the nation’s largest conservative, free-market grassroots advocacy group.

UPDATE:  Grassley tweets, midday Friday (I'm guessing PTL is Grassley's text abbreviation for political). "PTL BluDogs Keep barkin Pelosie bill is Govt takeovr of healthCare Breaks Obama promise"keep what u hv" Puts Wash Burocrats in chrg MUSTSTOP." 

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