Culver could be Tweeting soon

Governor Chet Culver's staff opened a Twitter account yesterday.  It's been mainly a schedule and clip-service kind of Tweeting so far.  Here's a sampling:

See photos from the Governor's Children's Healthcare Town Hall Meeting in Iowa City.
about 4 hours ago from Flickr

Culver: U.S. health overhaul would maintain Iowa gains: http://www.desmoinesregiste
about 6 hours ago from web

Reminder: Gov. Culver to announce job training partnership with Microsoft. Today @ 1:00 pm, Kennedy Room, State Capitol.
about 6 hours ago from web

But earlier this afternoon Culver hinted he may be all thumbs himself soon. ("All thumbs" — that's a PDA reference as one types with the thumbs when posting with one's PDA.)  What follows is Q&A from a news conference in the governor's office…

"We're going to start experimenting with (Twitter).  It's going to be kind of fun," Culver said, "so I'm looking forward to using that new media option."

Do you text your kids?

"I don't text my kids," Culver said. "My kids do not have cell phones."

Have you added any Twitter apps to your Blackberry yet?

"I have not," Culver replied.  "I will give you a Twitter update, maybe in the next week or so."

Why did you decide to get on Twitter right now?

"I think it's an exciting new technology, a way to communicate with constituents," Culver said. "We're trying to do a lot of things in terms of how we deliver information from the govenror's office, so you'll be seeing Facebook and Twitter and other new media opportunities."

Do you follow anyone via Twitter?

"I don't.  I've got a lot going on," Culver said, laughing, as others in the room (like his STAFF) laughed, too  "I'm lucky to get through my own email and communicate with my staff. Maybe next week when I'm taking a day of vacation or two.  I might have some time."

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