Grassley kudos for Rapp

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) has issued a gracious statement about a former foe.  Stephen Rapp ran against then-Congressman Grassley in 1974 and 1976, losing to Grassley in both elections.  Rapp has been nominated by President Obama to serve in the U.S. State Department as Ambassador At Large for War Crimes Issues.

Grassley's staff issued this statement late today via email:

Senator Chuck Grassley today made the following comment after President Barack Obama nominated Iowan Stephen Rapp to be the Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues at the Department of State.  Rapp has been serving as Prosecutor of the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

"I welcome the president’s choice for this Ambassadorship.  Steve Rapp has the respect of people around the world and has been a leader in prosecuting war crimes committed against civilian populations.  He is an ideal person for the job.”

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