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Apparently Christian Fong of Cedar Rapids intends to run for governorHe talked to James Q. Lynch of The Cedar Rapids Gazette.  He has not contacted Radio Iowa.

Fong has been chairman of the "Next Generation Commission" in Cedar Rapids and serves as leader of the "Generation Iowa Commission," a statewide group created in 2007.  According to a 2007 news release from Governor Culver's office (Culver appoints members of the commission), Fong "works as Head of Real Estate Capital Markets for AEGON USA Realty Advisors. After graduating valedictorian and as a National Merit Scholar from Underwood High School in 1999, Christian earned his B.S. in Statistics from Creighton University and his MBA with high distinctions from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 2005."

I've heard Fong speak in public once. It was at the now-infamous public hearing at the statehouse about a tax plan Democrats proposed but while faltered and failed to pass during the '09 session. Spectators booed Fong at the beginning of his remarks when he offered a polite greeting to both Republicans and Democrats in the room.  Here's a section of a Radio Iowa story from April:

At first, they booed Christian Fong of Cedar Rapids, president of a non-profit group that's working on flood recovery projects, but then switched to applause after Fong said this.

"I'm not a partisan. I deal with facts. The fact is this plan will raise taxes. It would raise taxes on Iowans already hurting in disaster areas and already hurting in a recession," Fong said.

UPDATE: Here is the MP3 of Fong's speech on March 31.  You will hear the end of remarks from Iowans for Tax Relief's Ed Failor, Junior. followed by Fong.  Rep. Paul Shomshor, the other voice on the recording, briefly shut off the microphone Fong was speaking into, banged the gavel at those who booed Fong, and then switched on his own microphone.  Fong's mic was switched back on and he continued his remarks. 

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  1. Hello My is Jeremy Walters I am also thinking about running for Iowa Governor I will be the youngest candidate I am 31 years old and I will be 32 years old if I win. I have ran for State Representative 3 times and I was one of the youngest to run in 2002 at the age of 23. I will be going to all 99 County’s to have my petition signed by the people of Iowa. many people that have ran for Governor always hired someone to go door to door and get other to sign their petition. Not me I will be in person going to door to door talking with others. thank you