Iowa First?

The Democratic National Committee's "Change Commission" met Saturday.  David Chalian from ABC has a brief about the meeting.  Dan Balz of the Washington Post wrote a Sunday piece.  If you don't have time to read the entire Balz piece, here's the "Iowa First?" part:

The role of Iowa and New Hampshire at the front of the nominating calendar remains controversial but appears less likely to dominate the latest calendar debate. The GOP already has exempted New Hampshire and South Carolina (Iowa doesn't need one, because its GOP caucuses are technically nonbinding). In 2008, Democrats added Nevada and South Carolina to the list of states authorized to hold early contests in a bid to bring more regional balance and demographic diversity.

Democrats in some big states still aren't happy with this system, but the likelihood of major change is limited. The question will be how to reward states who go later to give their voters added weight in the process. The first order of business will be overall timing, rather than who goes first.

Andrew Malcolm blogged on the LA Times website about the Change Commission. The Hill wrote a preview.  Iowa City blogger John Deeth posted this on Sunday.

Iowa's representative on the commission is Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.  Miller, along with State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald, publicly endorsed Barack Obama during his first rally in Iowa back in February of 2007.

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