We know where OUR governor is

Much has been written and said about the vanishing act South Carolina's governor pulled over the weekend.

Lest you worry about Iowa's governor, his staff issued a statement late yesterday announcing Governor Chet Culver would be going to St. Louis today for a conference on biotechnology and life sciences hosted by the Democratic Governors Association.

Here's part of the statement from the Culver/Judge press office: "The event is closed to press, but we wanted to make sure you were aware he is attending this conference where he will tout Iowa’s leadership in renewable energy and biotechnology, as well as learn what other states are doing in these important fields.  The conference will be attended by governors of six other states."

According to his staff, Culver will be back in Iowa "late" this afternoon. 

Former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad was very open about his travel schedule — including his vacations.  Former Governor Tom Vilsack was not as open. Vilsack often held bill signing ceremonies in secret. In addition, Vilsack took great pleasure in later telling reporters about the secret trip he took to California for a private meeting with John Kerry, the presumptive 2004 Democratic presidential candidate at the time.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Dixie Burkhart says

    Vilsack has probably taken his old habits to Washington. You know lack of transparency.
    Dixie Burkhart
    Facts Don’t Matter