Braley wears Anamosa jersey in big game

Picture 3 The "big game" was held in Washington, D.C. yesterday.  It pits congressional Republicans against congressional Democrats.  Braley made his first appearance in the annual game back in 2007.  In his only at bat, he hit a grounder into a double-play.  Braley wore a University of Northern Iowa Panthers jersey for that game back in 2007.  He might want to keep it, as UNI shut down its baseball program.  The final season was this year.

Braley wore another jersey last night. He promised the Anamosa High School baseball team he'd wear their jersey after he visited the team's field in late May.  The field was flooded last year.

Roll Call sponsors the game and their preview story features comments from New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.  As you may recall, Richardson passed out baseball cards when he was traveling around Iowa in 2007, running for president.  FOX News wrote a preview story, too, focusing on the fact that Nevada Senator John Ensign would not be pitching.  Ensign was still in Nevada after admitting earlier this week he had conducted an affair with a campaign aide.

No word yet from Braley's office or Braley himself about his stats in last night's game.

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