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Yesterday, as I was doing a check to make sure I had State Auditor Dave Vaudt's age correct in my story, I ran across his campaign-style website.  (Vaudt, as you may know, announced yesterday that he would seek a third term as auditor rather than run for governor in 2010.) It made me wonder which statewide candidates/officeholders have websites up today:

  • Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey (R-Spirit Lake) is "in the process of updating" his campaign-style website.
  • Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro (D-Des Moines) has an up-to-date campaign website
  • State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald (D-West Des Moines) and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller (D-Des Moines) have no campaign websites that I can find (one would think there'd be something out there as Mauro and Vaudt, for example, are accepting online contributions on their sites).  If Miller & Fitzgerald did have websites, I'm guessing the Iowa Democratic Party would have a link, and they do not.
  • The Republican Party of Iowa has links to the websites of their two GOP congressmen (Tom Latham and Steve King) and Senator Chuck Grassley, who is up for reelection in 2010.  Bob Krause, a Democrat who wants to challenge Grassley's reelection, has a website, too.

Among potential/likely/certain gubernatorial candidates, these are the three who have websites up and operating:

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