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Former Iowa Congressman/2006 GOP gubernatorial candidate/OMB chief for President George W. Bush Jim Nussle has formed a consulting group with two of his former staffers. The news release was just delivered to my inbox.  I've copied the body of the news release below.

    The Nussle Group is a multi-disciplined government relations and strategic consulting firm serving a wide range of clients across multiple sectors.
    We specialize in recruiting a talented team and developing creative solutions to assist clients in navigating the complicated and challenging intersections of public policy, government relations, public relations, international relations and politics. 
    For every client, and every project, we bring together a team of experts to custom design and implement a solution to achieve the results you desire. 
    Let us custom design and implement a solution for you!

The Nussle Group, according to the letterhead, is operating out of an office at 828 Slaters Lane, Suite 104, Alexandria, VA. Nussle's joined at the firm by Barbra Snitker (a long-time administrative assistant to Nussle when he was in congress and at OMB) and Chris Bliley (Bliley served as Nussle's chief of staff when Nussle was in congress).

UPDATE:  I went on the firm's website and found this more complete news release.

Former Budget Director Forms Consulting Firm

April 29, 2009

Washington, D.C. — Former Director of the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) and Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Jim Nussle, announced today the formation of a unique consulting firm that draws on his expertise in the federal government and budget process.

Nussle, who also served on the House Ways & Means Committee, has formed The Nussle Group, a multi-disciplined government relations and strategic consulting firm to serve a wide range of clients across multiple sectors.

Joining Nussle at the firm are Barbra Snitker and Christopher Bliley, two professionals with broad experience that served in senior positions for Nussle during his time on Capitol Hill. Snitker also served at OMB with Nussle, while Bliley served in the Administration at the Environmental Protection Agency.

“What’s unique about The Nussle Group’s approach”, Nussle noted, “is we bring together a talented team to create tailor-made solutions for our clients. I’m eager to put my public service experience to work to help my clients. And because of our size we are able to provide a more personal service for them.” The Nussle Group will assemble experienced teams on behalf of clients to compliment Nussle’s experience not only in the budget area, but also in fields such as health care, tax and finance, regulation, energy, higher education and non-profit, agriculture and rural development, telecommunications and technology and national security.

“I’ve met and worked with some very talented people throughout my career”, Nussle continued, “and I see an opportunity to bring some of them together at various times to custom design solutions to achieve results for people.”

The Nussle Group’s practice areas focus on government and regulations, fiscal and economic analysis, management and business development, strategic planning and politics.

“It’s great to be able to continue to work on the same issues I cared about during my time in public service”, Nussle said. “I’m looking forward to this opportunity to continue to serve in a new way.”


Jim Nussle was first elected to the House of Representatives from Northeast Iowa in 1990, and at the time was the youngest serving member of the House. In 2001 he was elected by his peers to chair the powerful House Budget Committee for three straight two year terms. In 2007 the U.S. Senate confirmed him as Director of the Office of Management & Budget after he was nominated by President George W. Bush. In addition to his current position of President & CEO of The Nussle Group, he also serves on the board of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and is a frequent guest on various cable news networks

UPDATE II:  Here's more background. 

In mid-February Nussle's wife, Karen, formed her own consulting group called Ripple Communications.

After Nussle's loss to Chet Culver in November, 2006, Nussle formed a consulting group called Navigating Strategies with Steve Greiner, another chief of staff in his congressional office. (Greiner left Nussle's office to become legal counsel for then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  Nussle also worked as an advisor to Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in 2007, before leaving the firm and the campaign trail to become President George Bush's last budget director. 

In June of 2008 Nussle spoke with me by phone.  This blog post about our conversation includes a tidbit that suggests Nussle has a novel in mind — but it's not about the OMB — "but it's not ready for prime time yet."

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