From the horse’s mouth: Reasoner’s reasons for resigning

Just ran into Rep. Mike Reasoner (D-Creston) behind the Iowa House.  I asked him why he resigned as an assistant leader of House Democrats, hereafter referred to in this post as the "House Democratic Caucus."

Reasoner: "You know, you bring your own philosophical beliefs,but when you're in the leadership position, you have to balance that with what is the direction that the caucus is going and I got to the point where times were the caucus was headed was not necessarily where I believed I was or my district is, and so I thought to not send a mixed signal, it's just best to step down as assistant leader and it is for the good of the caucus, though, and that way the leadership can be united as to where it proceeds."

Henderson: So, are there any issues in particular leading you to make this decision?  Federal deductibility?  The labor bills?

Reasoner: "No, I think it just speaks for itself.  You have your own thoughts and concerns and I thought it best, in general, to step down and move forward from this point."

The perks of the job include a separate office and "a parking space that's closer than the others," according to Reasoner, "actually, it's just the honor, really, because you are representing the caucus and I've done this for five years.  I really have enjoyed it, but again at a certain point you look:  Why are you here? and the bottom line is you've got to represent not just your constituents, but also you've got to try to represent the person that they sent."

Henderson: Are you going to seek reelection?

Reasoner: "As far as I know I am.  Hopefully the people in District 95 will want me to come back, but of course that decision's a ways away yet."

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