Culver: Fallon wants a job

Former State Representative/former Democratic gubernatorial candidate/former congressional candidate Ed Fallon complained earlier today that Governor Chet Culver hasn't been returning his phone calls.  Culver's deputy chief of staff, Phil Roeder, emailed the following statement this evening, indicating Fallon has been pestering Culver for a job — and won't be getting one.

"Governor Culver and Lieutenant Governor Judge have always considered Ed Fallon a friend and committed public servant. That is why Governor Culver appointed Mr. Fallon to the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council in 2007," Roeder said in the statement. "In addition, the Governor has met several times with Mr. Fallon over the last two-and-a-half years, most recently in a very productive meeting with him on January 6 of this year.

"Mr. Fallon has contacted our office on several occasions asking the Governor to create a new, full-time paid position within the office and to provide him a full-time assistant and support staff. The position Mr. Fallon seeks does not exist and will not be created. Many people want to work for the Governor, and not all of them can be accommodated.

"As to the issue of campaign finance, the legislature passed and the Governor signed into law a significant reform this session. Unfortunately, it was without Mr. Fallon’s support.

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  1. What a petty statement. This is totally inappropriate coming from the Governor of the state. Please Gov. Culver, show some leadership and refrain from rolling in the mud for once!!!