Gay marriage delay, to April 27, 2009

The Iowa Supreme Court issued the following news release regarding its decision which legalized same-sex marriage in Iowa.

Varnum v. Brien:  Effective Date of Decision

Des Moines, April 7, 2009— Under the Iowa Court Rules, a decision of the supreme court takes effect on the date the court issues procedendo, which normally occurs twenty-one days after an opinion is filed, unless a petition for rehearing has been filed.  In the case of Varnum v. Brien, the twenty-one day period ends on April 24—a day that all court offices are closed because of budget cuts.  Consequently, unless a petition for rehearing is filed in this case, the court will likely issue procedendo on Monday, April 27.

Note:  Judges and court employees are prohibited from giving legal advice.  Anyone seeking legal advice about procedures for obtaining or granting a marriage license should consult with legal counsel.

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