Wisconsin GOP chimes in on Tuesday’s escapades

The conversation sparked by Tuesday night's public hearing in the Iowa House is going on outside the state as well as inside. Here's the column Todd Dorman, columnist for The Cedar Rapids Gazette, wrote for this morning's edition. The email below was circulated in neighboring Wisconsin, to all members of the Wisconsin legislature.

From: Rep.Nass 
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 10:38 AM
To: *Legislative Assembly – Independents; *Legislative Assembly Democrats; *Legislative Assembly Republicans; *Legislative Senate Democrats; *Legislative Senate Republicans
Subject: Democrats Respond to Dissent From Taxpayers – Use State Troopers

Want to know how Iowa Democrats treated more than 500 citizens that turned out at a public hearing to oppose tax increases?  They had them removed from the State Capitol by State Troopers.  As we have seen in Wisconsin, Democrats support loud, noisy and disruptive protests from:
-Illegal Immigrants and their supporters.
-Public Employee unions opposed to any cost cutting;
-Advocates for a return to welfare cash payments without work requirements or accountability standards;
-Eco-extremists calling for an end to current lifestyles and economic development in the name junk science and Al Gore;
But average everyday citizens concerned with government spending too much, taxing too much and controlling too much, have the power of government turned against them when they speak out.
I guess we now know the definition of "hope and change" from elected Democrats at all levels.

Steve Nass
State Representative
31st Wisconsin Assembly District 

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