Not quite 24 hours later…

The Iowa Democratic Party just issued a statement — about last night's House meltdown. Once again, the comparison of "hope versus nope" is made.  Read the news release below.

Des Moines, IA – Today, Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan offered the following statement on the public hearing on federal deductibility and the Republican Party’s disrespectful actions.

“While leaders in the Iowa House and Senate approach the legislative process with openness and inclusion of the community, the Republican Party of Iowa, in partnership with Iowans for Tax Relief, orchestrated an event designed to mock the process. They intentionally disrupted proceedings by jeering and yelling at Iowans who held an opinion opposite of theirs.
“Iowa and the Nation are in the midst of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. Iowans need their legislators to come together in civil debate.  Instead, Republicans offered only intimidation and hate; some even resorted to throwing objects at fellow citizens and even calling the Speaker of the House a Nazi. Their actions were disrespectful to the legislative process and the Iowans they claim to represent. In the future, we hope the Republican Party of Iowa will come to the table with constructive ideas and leave their hate filled rhetoric at home.
“Once again, the Republicans have proven they have become the party of ‘nope’ while the Democrats remain the party of hope” 

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. All I can say was, didn’t happen in my corner of the gallery. No one was out of hand until they were ordered out. And, again, I didn’t see anyone thowing anything. Are they really arrogant enough to think that everyone who opposed the plan is a Republican or a member of Iowans for Tax Relief? If they are that arrogant, I have a new slogan for them — they can be the party of dopes. Hope?? Stealing via taxes doesn’t produce hope.

  2. Brad Brekke says

    “Hope” we can find an open checkbook.
    “Hope” the owner doesn’t notice we’ve stolen it.
    “Hope” the check clears the bank before the owner tries to buy groceries.
    “Hope” we can redistribute the money before the owner’s next mortgage payment.
    “Hope” we can blame someone else when the owner realizes he’s been had.
    “Hope” we can dissuade the owner from complaining too loudly when the truth is discovered.
    “Hope” we can convince the owner that we are infinitely better qualified than he to determine where his limited funds should be spent.
    “Hope” we can get enough money into the hands of the majority non-taxpayer to ensure re-election before the owner’s funds have been depleted.
    “Hope” the owner continues to work hard to support his family on an increasingly tight budget while we continue to spend his money in endless excess.
    “Hope” we can continue to label the owner and anyone else who may disagree with our methods as ‘regressive’,’hateful’, or ‘racist’, as a means to avoid intelligent debate.
    “Hope” we can defer the repercussions of our actions to those whom dare criticize.
    “Hope” that our fleecing of the taxpayer doesn’t detract from our basking in the glow of our fleeting popularity.
    Yes, Chairman Kiernan and his cohorts must be extremely proud to have shaped such a party of “Hope”.