Iowa Democratic Party chair on the trail, touting Culver’s borrowing plan

A news release (just a few short paragraphs) was issued this morning via email, under Iowa Democratic Party letterhead.  In short, Iowa Democratic Party chairman Mike Kiernan is now on the campaign trail, making the case for Culver's $750 million plan to have the state borrow money for infrastructure projects. Kiernan's first stop was Hiawatha, home to House Republican Leader Kraig Paulsen.  (Kiernan chose a rather heavy news day in the Cedar Rapids metro for his visit, as a police officer who responded to an armed robbery on Sunday is injured and a pop machine exploded on Monday morning on the Kirkwood Community College campus.)

Read the release below.


Today Kiernan was in Hiawatha to discuss Democrats’ efforts to create jobs, grow Iowa’s economy and rebuild Iowa

Des Moines, IA – Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan was in Hiawatha today promoting the Democrats’ plans to create jobs, grow Iowa’s economy and rebuild Iowa. While Democrats are offering concrete proposals, Minority Leader Kraig Paulsen and Republicans in the legislature have simply said no.
“Democrats are united. We’re working everyday to put Iowans back to work, fix the economy and to rebuild our state,” said Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Michael Kiernan. “Unfortunately, Republicans in the legislature have continued their ‘campaign of nope’ to every proposal the Governor and Democrats have put forward.”

Late last year, in anticipation of federal and state economic recovery efforts, Governor Culver and Lt. Governor Judge asked officials from every community in the state to help identify unmet needs. Hundreds of communities responded, submitting almost 4,000 projects, including more than 60 in Representative Paulsen’s district alone.
“It's time for Representative Paulsen and Republicans in the legislature to join with Governor Culver and Democrats in an effort to create jobs and grow our economy. It’s time for them to step up to the plate and put people ahead of politics, or simply admit that they are little more than the party of nope” said Chairman Kiernan.

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