We’re #2! We’re #2!

Start the chanting, please. Use those foam fingers with first two digits extended from a clenched fist.  Iowa is #2!  We're #2!  Read the news release from the governor's office below.


(DES MOINES) – When it comes to quality of life, Iowa has jumped to 2nd in the nation, according to a widely-published comparison of the 50 states issued each year by Washington-based Congressional Quarterly Press. Factors including a healthy population, safe neighborhoods and excellence in education contributed to Iowa's best showing in three years.

“Iowa is a great place to live and raise a family,” said Governor Chet Culver. “And we’re building a 21st century economy in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and financial services – which means even in a time of national economic challenges, Iowa remains in a strong position to create jobs and compete worldwide.”

"This study reaffirms to Iowans and demonstrates to people outside of the state what a great place Iowa is for families, careers, business, tourism and recreation," said Michael Tramontina, Director of the Iowa Department of Economic Development. "It is statistical confirmation that our Midwestern values and hard-working people are what make Iowa strong and resilient for everything that comes along."

Other states ranked with Iowa among top five are Wyoming, 1st; New Hampshire, 3rd; Minnesota, 4th; and Nebraska, 5th.

State Rankings 2009 is an annual comparison in 44 statistical categories that are indicators of quality of life. The measures compare states on a broad range of economic, education, health-oriented, public safety, and environmental statistics. Iowa’s rankings have steadily moved up over the past few years:

• 2009: 2nd
• 2008: 5th
• 2007: 6th

The state of Iowa has ranked among the top ten most livable states for 18 straight years and has placed in the top five for 13 of those years. The most livable state ranking of CQ Press is widely used by state economic development agencies, human resource recruiters, and tourism promotion groups across the nation.

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