Grassley self-edits on “Face the Nation”

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was one of the opening guests on this morning's "Face the Nation" program on CBS. Central College grad Harry Smith was this morning's substitute host. Here's the Radio Iowa story.  Below are two paragraphs from that story.

Grassley's first comments on the program recast remarks he made last week that drew national attention for his references to suicide and — to clean up the reference a bit — the breast of the American taxpayers. According to Grassley, Iowans are "outraged" by what's happened at AIG and other Wall Street companies.

"They just don't understand how people that make $20 million a year can drive a corporation into the ground, go suck off the taxpayers for bailouts and then give out millions (of) dollars in bonuses. We believe ought to be compensated right, but there's a whole different ethic when you have the taxpayers bail you out," Grassley said. "There ought to be respect for middle class taxpayers. There ought to be respect for the face that you made a mistake. We ought to hear some apology. We ought to hear remose. We ought to hear contrition. I haven't heard any of that."

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