Governor snags NKOTB tickets for state worker

Governor Chet Culver was up early this morning, calling a Des Moines radio station — Star 102.5 — at 7:30 a.m..  The morning hosts Big Ken and Colleen were hosting a contest.  Listeners who wanted NKOTB tickets were challenged yesterday to get one of five famous "kids" in Iowa to call the station on their behalf and snag tickets and back stage passes to the NKOTB show in Des Moines.  The station had posted contact information for the five people and apparently these five folks were inundated with calls and email yesterday.

Culver called on behalf of an Iowa Workforce Development employee named Beth.  You can listen to the call here..If you have trouble negotiating the website, go to the "on demand" tab on the toolbar on the Big Ken & Colleen webpage.  The NKOTB bit is at the top of the playlist.  Culver beat out WHO-TV 13 anchorman John Bachman who was second to call into the show.

In case you're wondering, NKOTB is New Kids on The Block.  In addition to Bachman and Culver, the show listed contact information for Shawn Johnson, Ashton Kutcher and KCCI-TV anchor Kevin Cooney so listeners could pester them to get the NKOTB tickets.  Culver told the show's host his Blackberry was rather full of email, thanks to them.

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