“Keep your lap belts on”

The House Labor Committee met immediately after tonight's public hearing on the bill which would let Iowa workers who're injured on the job go to a doctor of their own choice rather than the doctor their employer chooses. The panel approved an amendment which reconfigured the proposal, so that an employee must designate a doctor of their choice in advance. Under this revamped plan,if a worker has not designated a doctor – and they get injured – they will be presented with a list of four doctors (chosen by their employer) from which to choose. 

The amendment passed, then the panel approved the amended bill on a party-line vote (Democrats voting "yea" "aye" and Republicans voting "no").  After that vote, House Labor Committee chairman Rick Olson (D-Des Moines) told the committee the full House would not debate the bill this week.  He also hinted that other labor bills may yet be considered by the House Labor Committee before the week's over. "Keep your lap belts on," Olson advised committee members as he concluded tonight's meeting at about 9:22 p.m.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.