Corbett back in politics

Former State Representative Ron Corbett, a Republican from Cedar Rapids, was a member of the Iowa House for 13 years and served as House Speaker for five years.  Moments ago in Cedar Rapids he announced he's going to run for mayor of the city of five seasons.

Corbett, who was 25 when he won his first race for the statehouse and is now 48 years old, was president & CEO of the Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce from the middle of 1999 to the middle of 2005.  He left that post to work for CRST, a trucking concern based in Cedar Rapids.  He's a CRST vice president.

Kay (Chapman) Halloran is currently the mayor of Cedar Rapids and there could be a Halloran/Corbett rematch if she decides to seek reelection.  As I recall, (I've asked statehouse types to double-check my memory) Corbett ran against Halloran in 1992 when re-districting threw the two together for the general election contest for the Cedar Rapids-area house seat and Corbett won.

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