ABI airs new ad

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry is out with another radio ad, attacking "union bosses" again. ABI's first ad was critical of the bill which sought to have workers on taxpayer-funded construction projects paid a county's "prevailing wage.". This latest ad attacks the "choice of doctor" bill which calls for letting workers injured on the job choose their own doctor rather than visiting the physician their employer recommends. "The union bosses want to control the heatlh care of Iowa's workers…hurting injured employees," the narrator says in the latest ABI ad. "…Why do they want to change something that is working so well?"

A public hearing will be held tomorrow (Tuesday) night at the stateouse to give both sides a chance to air their opinions on the "choice of doctor" bill.  A subcommittee meeting was held today in the House on the legislation. According to the Iowa Federation of Labor-AFL/CIO, Iowa is one of only nine states in the country which lets the employer choose an employee's doctor when they're injured on the job.  Watch/read Iowa Federation of Labor-AFL/CIO president Ken Sager and John Gilliland of the Iowa Association of Business & Industry debate labor-related bills on this past weekend's "Iowa Press."

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