The Department on Aging — the D.O.A.?

Here's your morning TOOLA update:  the Iowa House just passed the bill renaming the Iowa Department of Elder Affairs the Department on Aging.  Here's the full story.  One 68-year-old legislator said he was "offended" by the acronym D.O.A.  "You can't have an acronym like this when you're referring to elderly people," Rep. Dave Heaton said.  "..I don't like it."

If you listen to the 12 minute mp3 available at the bottom of the Radio Iowa story linked above, you can hear a little giggling during the House debate of the bill.  For example, when Rep. Nick Wagner was questioning Rep. Janet Peterson — the bill's floor manager — Peterson joked that she — as a 38-year-old – hadn't experienced the angst of being called "elderly" as opposed to "aging."

"Why are we doing this?" Wagner asked to open his line of questioning.

"Are you joking, or are you real?" Peterson replied, with a laugh.

The bill passed, for real.  The vote was 67-29.

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Elder (Christianity), person valued for his wisdom who accordingly holds a particular position of responsibility in a Christian group. Wikipedia
    Now you know why the word elder is no longer wanted.