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Former Republican Governors Terry Branstad and Robert D. Ray (some of us refer to Ray as "the real governor" because of his statesman-like presence) issued a statement yesterday.  The two former governors apparently don't like the bill the Iowa House is debating this afternoon.  Read the news release below.  There's information about a radio ad there, too, that smacks Governor Chet Culver, a Democrat, and "liberals in the legislature."  Proof that if you had any doubts, the 2010 campaign is well underway. 

Iowa Progress Project Launches New Radio Ad "Sink"
Culver and liberals in the legislature continue to reward unions and political cronies at the expense of taxpayers

Des Moines, IA- The Iowa Progress Project launched a new statewide radio ad today calling on Governor Culver to start putting Iowa families first instead of labor bosses who have rewarded him with huge campaign contributions. The ad campaign launch follows an important joint statement from former Governor Robert Ray and Governor Terry Branstad released today that implores the legislature to vote against HF 333. Click here to read their joint statement.
Today the legislature will debate HF 333, the so-called "prevailing wage" legislation, which will force cities and counties to pay more for public works projects than would otherwise be necessary. Unions have long pushed for this policy change because it will grow the influence of their organizations, putting more money in their coffers which is often then used to line the pockets of union bosses and contribute vast sums of money to defeat conservatives who oppose this type of political payback and cronyism.
As Iowans are facing difficult choices and cutting back, Governor Culver and the liberals in the legislature increased spending by $1 billion dollars in the past two years. This spending spree has plunged Iowa into a $700 million budget deficit, leading Culver to propose a massive borrowed money bonding scheme and even selling the state lottery to special interests to dig himself out of the hole he created.
It was months ago Culver resisted bipartisan pleas to call a special session of the legislature to deal with massive flood damage and help victims affected in Eastern Iowa.  Instead of doing that, the pattern of incompetence and cronyism continued as Culver created another bureaucratic department where former campaign staffers, not disaster relief specialists, were receiving exorbitant six-figure salaries. And, of course, people in Eastern Iowa continue to suffer.
Every day in the news Iowans hear about job losses and expanding numbers of home foreclosures.  In fact, foreclosure filings in December were up 70% over the previous month and at the end of January 80,000 Iowans are were collecting unemployment checks.  Instead of dealing with these challenges head-on, Culver and the liberals in the legislature are thanking big labor campaign donors by passing their agenda items one by one.
IPP President David Kochel said, "The Iowa Progress Project is launching this radio ad to highlight the continued lack of leadership shown by the governor and legislature on the most important issues confronting Iowa families today."
Kochel continued, "Government spending is out of control. Culver and the liberals in the legislature have plunged Iowa into a $700 million budget deficit, yet still haven't managed to replace the homes and businesses of flood victims.  Instead of focusing on these critical issues, Culver is focusing on increasing pay for union bosses and political cronies who are major campaign donors.  This is a slap in the face to Iowans who are working hard to make ends meet."
The radio ad encourages Iowans to call Governor Culver and ask him to put Iowa families first.
You can listen to the ad at
Kochel concluded, "Legislators voting for items like HF 333 can be assured IPP will let their constituents know they chose to pay back big labor instead of helping Iowa families in this time of economic crisis."


When disaster strikes, everyone has to come together.

But with Iowa pounded by recession, Chet Culver and liberals in the legislature are playing partisan politics that reward political cronies.

While Iowans were cutting back, Culver and the legislature increased spending by $1 billion – rolling up a $700 million deficit.

Cedar Rapids residents are still suffering from last year's massive floods.

Culver's response? A bureaucracy staffed by campaign cronies making six-figure salaries – with no experience in disaster relief.

Now Culver and the legislature are fighting to increase pay for union bosses who donated heavily to their campaigns – even as regular Iowans lose their jobs and homes.

Their solutions?  Raise taxes. Borrow millions. Plunge us deeper into debt.

Call Chet Culver: 515-281-5211. Tell him to start putting Iowa families first – not political cronies.

Paid for by Iowa Progress Project.

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