Culvers get a dog

Governor Culver and his wife, Mari, introduced the new family pet to the public today.  Buck Culver is a nearly three month old puppy dog, according to Iowa's first lady, who says they're not quite sure but believe he is "a little bit of everything we think."

Mari Culver carried Buck into the Kennedy Conference Room of the statehouse, just after Governor Culver's news conference to recognize four Iowa communities which have been declared part of the "Great Places" program.  "Please welcome Buck," Governor Culver said as he stepped behind the microphone, his wife and the dog at his side.  "Isn't he sweet?"

As you can hear, there was a lot of oohing and aahhing from the crowd.

"You want to tell the story dear," Governor Culver said.

"Well, I hadn't planned to, but I will," Mari Culver began.  "The kids and I were out shopping and stopped at that pet food and acquatic store to look at the sharks and we came home with an Animal Rescue League puppy.".

Chet Culver picked up the story there.
"So the kids are very excited, John and Claire are very excited to have Buck," Governor Culver said.  "Our cat, also from the Animal Rescue League, what, 15 years ago — Fran, is adjusting, let's just say."

I asked a question:  "He's not B-A-R-K-I-N-G right now…"

"He kind of forgets he can bark," Mari Culver said.  "And then once every five or six days he remembers and barks. He does sit on command."

Mar Culver said they'd settled on the name Buck because of the book "Call of the Wild."

"He's definitely got the wild in him," she added.

I asked if he'd eaten anything he wasn't supposed to in his three weeks at the governor's mansion,.

"That, Kay, is a state secret," Mari Culver replied, adding.  "He's a good boy."

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.