Mauro versus Maduro

When I'm writing a story featuring comments from Iowa Secretary of State Michael Mauro, spellcheck wants to change Mauro to "Maduro."  Today, I Googled "Maduro" and here's what I came up with:

1.  The number one Maduro in the Google ranking is Hedwiges Maduro.  He's a Dutch footballer (soccer player).

2.  The number two Maduro is Ricardo Rodolfo Maduro Joest.  He was president of Honduras from 2002-2006.

3.  There's an "electronic musician blending textured technopop and Intelligence Dance Music" who goes by the name "maduro."  

4.  Finally, maduro is a spanish word meaning ripe and it's often used to refer to cigars.  Maduro-wrapped cigars, apparently, are highly sought after because of the time it takes to wrap the tobacco leaves and the dark colors or pigment of the material used to wrap the cigars.  One on-line source referred to Maduro-wrapped cigars as "oily, plush with flavor, and earthy to the nose."

5.  One would guess that Michael Mauro fits none of these descriptions.  Spellcheck — the version that's loaded onto my computer by the IT staff at Learfield – also insists "internet" and "email" are not words until you add those two words to your spellcheck list.  It's one of my "define irony" examples.

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