Tired Enough? Ready to Snore? Only 15 days ’til 2012 kickoff?

You're no doubt familiar with one of the Obama campaign's chants, the "Fired Up, Ready to Go" cadence which marked many an Obama rally.  I offer you an alternative on this day after The Election:  "Tired Enough?  Ready to Snore?"

To all the folks behind the scenes for all the campaigns, today I offer my thanks to them for returning calls, replying to email, keeping me in the loop.  Now, on to 2010 and 2012!  Remember, there are only 17 days 15 days (see update below) left until the kick-off of 2012 in Iowa.  Bobby Jindal, the Republican governor of Louisiana who was reportedly on McCain's "short list" of potential running mates, will be the keynote speaker at the Iowa Family Policy Center's "Celebrating the Family" banquet on November 22, 2008.  Or maybe GOP vice presidential candidate/Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s Election Eve stop in Dubuque, Iowa, marked the start of the next cycle?  Or maybe it was former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s speech at the Iowa GOP's state convention this summer when he mentioned Obama’s name more than McCain’s?

UPDATE:  James Q. Lynch of The Cedar Rapids Gazette advises via email that Huckabee is due in Cedar Rapids, at a Barnes & Noble there, on November 20 for a book-signing. Do the Right Thing:  Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America is the title of Huckabee's book, scheduled for release on November 18.

UPDATE:  Eric Woolson, Huckabee's 2008 Iowa Caucus campaign manager, emailed a link to the book tour schedule.  There are TWO stops in Iowa:  the previously mentioned midday stop in Cedar Rapids on 11/20 and a stop in Des Moines that evening — at Sam's Club.

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  1. I am ready! Bring on 2012!