Bidens release tax returns

Vice presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, today have released their income tax returns for the past decade.  Jill Biden is campaigning in Iowa today and called into the Radio Iowa newsroom a few moments ago for a brief interview.

Henderson: "Had you as a couple released your tax returns before and what do you hope to achieve today?"

Jill Biden: "In the state of Delaware, we have released our tax returns every single year.  Our finances have been made public and we just want people to know that everything about us is open.  A lot of people are suspicious about politicians and I just want them to see we’re hiding nothing.  There’s nothing there, so I hope they start to believe in government again."

UPDATE at 2:15 p.m.:  Chris Mather, spokesperson for Jill Biden, says Mrs. Biden misspoke and was referring to the couple’s annual release of personal financial disclosure statements rather than income tax returns.  "In many ways, (the personal financial disclosure statements) are more detailed," according to Mather.  Those disclosure statements are required for U.S. Senators.

Now, back to the interview:

Henderson: "The Republicans have started up this ‘Biden Gaffe Meter.’  As his wife, does that annoy you?"

Jill Biden: "No, not really. It’s too bad that the Republicans have to go negative. I think that Barack has really worked hard and Joe has worked very hard to keep this a positive campaign and I’m really sorry they’re resorting to politics as usual."

UPDATE at 3:00 p.m.:  Sources say Pat O’Brien of the TV program "The Insider" (I believe it’s a weekend Entertainment Tonight-type show) and a film crew were trailing Jill Biden today in northern Iowa.

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