The enforcer

Dave Roederer, John McCain’s Iowa campaign chairman, thrust himself into the role of bouncer last night on the convention floor.  Two protestors standing on stage caught Roederer’s eye, and he jumped up and hustled them up the aisle and off the floor.  "I kept thinking somebody would come to help me," Roederer told reporters this morning.  Roederer, who does not have the look of a bouncer, got to the top of the arena’s seating with his two protestors and looked at the ushers — who apparently just looked back and didn’t help either.  A person from security then hustled to Roederer’s side and took over.

The protestors apparently had black dresses on — and delegate badges — but they stripped off the dresses to reveal their pink protest attire underneath.   

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.