Charlie Black: Fred Thompson should do Shakespeare

On Wednesday morning Charlie Black, introduced as a "senior advisor" to the McCain campaign, spoke to the Iowa delegates attending the Republican National Convention.  His remarks were brief — mp3 runs 5 minutes.

"Didn’t we get off to a great starr when we finnaly started this convention (Tuesday) night?" Black asked, to applause. "Senator Fred Thompson, I told him that the only way he can go from here is to go on the stage and do Shakespeare with the quality of that performance." Thompson spoke Tuesday night at the convention.

Black briefly mentioned Iowa’s status as a swing state:  "You all know better than me how close Iowa’s been in recent years in the general election.  I’ve looked at a few polls and talked to a number of you out there to sort of gauge what it looks like this time. Let me tell ya, it’s going to be close again. You’re a classic swing state and it’s going to be close and I truly believe we can carry Iowa."

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O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.