“Abe Lincoln” attends Iowa delegates’ breakfast

The emcee for the breakfast meeting of the Iowa Republican delegation at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul told the audience they’d decided against inviting the Illinois senator who has won the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, nor did they invite the other U.S. senator from Illinois — Democrat Dick Durbin.  Instead, they invited a former Illinois senator.  Actually, it was a man who impersonates the former Illinois senator who went on to become the 16th president of the United States. 

Here’s the background information about this Lincoln impersonator, courtesy of Nathan Treloar, communications director for the Republican Party of Iowa:  The Lincoln impersonator at breakfast this morning is Lance Mack from Marion, Iowa.  He has been appearing at the Civic Fest this week at the Minneapolis Convention Center and contacted Chairman Iverson to perform for our delegation.  He can be reached at 319-651-3019 or misterlincoln2003@yahoo.com.   

After his remarks concluded, emcee David Roederer advised Lincoln/Mack to "avoid the theaters."

Mack recited passages from some of Lincoln’s speeches, including all of the Gettysburg Address.  His rendition, I must admit, was much better than the animated Abraham Lincoln at the diorama thing in Gettysburg.  That Abe was not wax and kind of scary.  The animated figure of Lincoln rises up out of the ground and a recording of the speech is played as the "animated" Lincoln rotates and gestures in a very robotic way. 

Lincoln was the Republican Party’s SECOND presidential candidate, by the way. They ran their first national ticket in 1856. 

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