Bolton suggests a Palin/Putin shoot out

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton, speaking this morning to the Iowans who’re attending the convention, suggests G.O.P. vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin — the Alaska Governor — might be the best person to face down Vladimir Putin, the prime minister of Russia.

"You know she has been a hunter all her life.  Her father taught her and she ontinues to hunt with her family today. Some of you may have seen the pictures coming out of Russia of what the Russians at least say was Prime Minister Putin shooting a tiger with a tranquilizer gun, this tiger supposedly threatening Putin’s hunting party, and they gave Putin credit for bringing the tiger down," Bolton said.  "Putin is now number two in Russia, you know, he’s not president anymore.  He’s only the prime minister. Well, think after Governor Palin becomes our number two, our vice president, maybe she and Prime Minister Putin could have a hunting contest and we’ll just see who wins that."

The Iowans cheered, whistled and got to the feet to applaud.  Bolton’s remarks will be posted on-line soon so you can listen.  Hear all of Bolton’s speech here (there’s a 13 minute mp3 at the bottom of the page).

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