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Latest dispatch from Jenni Lee, Obama’s Iowa campaign spokeswoman: "Hi – I wanted to let you know that Iowa will be well represented in the front row of Invesco tonight.  Some of Senator Obama’s hardest working Iowa supporters – Jan Bauer of Ames, Peggy Whitworth of Cedar Rapids and Nancy Bobo of Des Moines – have front row seats to Senator Obama’s speech."

Nancy Bobo was featured in a Radio Iowa story that aired/was published this afternoon.

….Nancy Bobo of Des Moines was among the first to volunteer to work for Obama’s campaign. Back in February of 2007, a week before Obama officially entered the race, Bobo showed up at the Obama campaign office in Iowa. She met with the two Obama staff members.

"It was a tiny little office with a folding table, two folding chairs, two laptops," Bobo says. "When we met that day, it was just Paul and Emily and they were interrupted repeatedly with phone calls of the first staff arriving in Iowa."

Back then, some dismissed Obama’s campaign as folly, since Hillary Clinton was seen as a shoo-in. "She certainly was," Bobo says. "I remember when we were 45 points down last summer at one point and this hope we speak of didn’t look so apparent on the horizon and, you know, there were just so many people who worked so hard to get to this point."

Bobo’s relieved Obama has secured her party’s presidential nomination, but she’s looking ahead to the general election. "I’m here for the full ride, to the end of it," Bobo says. "We’re going to work as hard as we can to make sure this happens in November."

Peggy Whitworth was quoted in a Radio Iowa story the aired/was published yesterday.  It was the story recounting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s stop to speak to Iowa Democrats in Denver.

…Peggy Whitworth of Cedar Rapids then approached Pelosi.  "We need to have her see what has happened to our community and I know it’s hit all over the state, but Cedar Rapids really took it on the chin — business, government, the cultural community — (have) all been devastated," Whitworth says. "We need to have the federal help. This is something that only the federal government can do."

Jan Bauer is chairwoman of Story County Democrats.

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