Dateline: Boulder, Colorado

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging from the sites of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, telling the stories of what Iowans are up to in and around Denver and St. Paul. 

I was wheels down Saturday morning at Denver International Airport.  I’ve flown through Denver many times, but do not recall hearing the greeting from Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper that was just played on the sound system near the gates where passengers wait to board their airplanes or, as in my case today, "deplane" –as the airlines say. The mayor’s voice can also be heard on the tram or train between terminals and the baggage claim area.  Mr. Mayor’s recorded message alerts passengers they are approaching the baggage claim and ticketing areas of the airport. 

Once passengers, like myself, "detrain" they are greeted by a group of folks wearing brushed suede vests and cowboy hats.  "Can I help you find your way?" these folks ask passengers just as they exit the escalator to the ground transportation/baggage claim area of the airport.  Several passengers around me asked for and received help.  One of the volunteers even walked with the elderly woman to a shuttle counter.  This is not a convention addition to the airport.  These greeters are a regular staple at the new Denver International Airport which replaced Stapleton a decade or so ago.

I saw just one sign in the airport welcoming folks to the Democratic National Convention — it was a placard placed at the opening of the Wolfgang Puck restaurant, but perhaps I failed to observe others.  No red, white and blue bunting, or big donkeys, or clusters of ballons were out to greet convention-goers, but perhaps thats to come Saturday and Sunday when most delegates and others orbiting around the convention are set to arrive.

Sculpture200 Once in the baggage claim area, this visage greets travelers.  I used the word "greets" in that sentence as I don’t think "welcomes" would be the word.  The art work is called "Notre Dame." Let us hope travelers do not have this kind of experience this week.   


Mountain For the moment I am blogging from the home of Ellen Teig and Justin Crawford (Ellen is my niece; Justin is my nephew-in-law as of August 31, 2008).  This is the vista out their front window.  I made my way to their home in Boulder via an airport shuttle that initially traveled through the car farms (car rental agency lots surrounding the airport), passed by a grain elevator and lots of open land, then made its way down the hill into Boulder. I shall take up residence in the Iowa delegation’s hotel tomorrow, Saturday.  Until then, I’ll keep an eye on my blackberry and updaate the blog as needed.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Jim Crawford says

    Hi, Kay:
    Ellen’s and Justin’s outlook on the world is better than many, but I never expected to see it shared with the world.
    We’ll miss the pleasure of your company at their wedding. We forward to another opportunity to meet you.
    Here’s wishing you a lively week here.
    Jim Crawford