Miller-Meeks stands “in” the Soap Box

Mariannette Miller-Meeks, an eye doctor from Ottumwa, is the GOP candidate for Iowa’s second congressional district seat.  During her stint today at The Des Moines Register’s Soap Box (see post below for explanation), Miller-Meeks gave an incredibly brief speech.  My tape counter shows she spoke for two minutes and 39 seconds, then said: "Any questions from you wonderful citizens?"

The first question from a man in the sparse crowd was about the energy debate in congress.  "I would have stayed and demanded…that there is no recess without relief.  That means flood relief and that means relief from high gas prices." 

Next, Miller-Meeks turned to a "young man" standing to her left.  "You look like you want to ask something," she said — pointing in the direction of a couple. as there was some confusion among the fair-goers as to just who she was singling out with her "young" label.

"You!  You’re younger than I am.  You’re young!  Oh, he wants to give me a kiss," Miller-Meeks said, explaining to the crowd what the couple was saying to her, "and your wife said it was ok." 

There was a brief pause, as the woman in the couple gave an explanation of her own.  "The girlfriend said it was ok," Miller-Meeks explained to the whole crowd, "That’s even better. Girlfriends are more possessive than wives ’til they get the ring on their finger." 

The "young man" said something that is not audible on the recording and Miller-Meeks moved on to another fair-goer.  "Anyone else have a question I can answer for them?"  At this point, four minutes and 18 seconds had elapsed since Miller-Meeks began speaking at the "Soap Box."  She concluded about 10 minutes later.  "I’m going to go get a deep-fried Twinkie and then walk so I’ll earn my deep-fried Twinkie by walking around the Fair today," Miller-Meeks explained as she concluded her appearance.

One of three reporters who interviewed Miller-Meeks on the fairgrounds moments later asked: "Would you really have kissed that guy?"

"Are you talking on the cheek or on the lips?" Miller-Meeks replied, laughing. 

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