Here are Iowa GOP delegates to RNC in MN

The Republican Party of Iowa has just released the list of delegates from Iowa who were selected to attend the Republican National Convention in the Twin Cities in September.  The delegates were elected Saturday at the party’s state convention. 

Reading through the list, you’ll see a delegate who works for Iowans for Tax Relief (Ed Failor, Junior); the candidate who ran Saturday for National Committeewoman & lost (out-going state Representative Sandy Greiner)’ Ron Paul’s Iowa campaign chief (Drew Ivers); the two people who were elected to the RNC (Steve Scheffler & Kim Lehman); McCain’s Iowa campaign chair (Dave Roederer); 2002 and 2006 GOP candidate for governor/Huckabee’s Iowa chairman (Bob Vander Plaats); 2006 Iowa GOP candidate for Secretary of State (Mary Ann Hanusa);

RPI Announces National Convention Delegation

(Des Moines) –  Following an energetic 2008 State Convention, the Republican Party of Iowa is announcing their delegation to the Republican National Convention.  The convention will be held at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota from September 1 – 4. 

Iowa Republicans will be represented by 40 delegates and 37 alternates.  Twenty-two of the national delegates and their alternates were approved as a slate by the 1,347 voting delegates at Saturday’s convention.  Fifteen delegates and alternates were chosen the night before at the District Presidential Caucuses with three delegates and alternates elected from each of Iowa’s five Congressional Districts. 

The final three members of Iowa’s delegation will be RPI Chairman Stewart Iverson, National Committeeman Steve Roberts, and National Committeewoman Phyllis Kelly. 

At-Large Delegates

Ike Ackerman, Bremer
Carmine Boal, Polk
Andy Christiansen, Polk
Bill Clark, Polk
Robert Cramer, Polk
Ed Failor, Jr., Muscatine
Sandy Greiner, Washington
Reid Houser, Pottawattamie
Roger Hughes, Hamilton
Morris Hurd, Des Moines
Drew Ivers, Hamilton
Katie Koberg, Polk
John Ortega, Scott
Kim Lehman, Polk
Bill Northey, Dickinson
Steve Scheffler, Polk
David Roederer, Polk
Loras Schulte, Benton
Lisa Smith, Wapello
Bob Vander Plaats, Plymouth
David Vaudt, Polk
Craig Williams, Carroll

At-Large Alternates

Jacob Bossman, Woodbury
Katherine Betts, Linn
Ray Dearin, Story
Ricky Dean, Mahaska
Tim DeMouth, Johnson
Katherine Farrand, Linn
David Fisher, Polk
Chuck Hurley, Polk
Drew Klein, Jasper
Mark Lundberg, Sioux
Ellen Markham, Dubuque
Chris McGowan, Plymouth
Shelly Pitts, Dallas
Lynn Proudfoot, Polk
Carmen Reitsma, Mahaska
Stephanie Laudner, Floyd
Liz Schofield, Clinton
Monte Shaw, Guthrie
Larry Smith, Madison
Scott Spray, Polk
Luana Stoltenberg, Scott
Jerry Tweeten, Winnebago

District Delegates

Sen. David Hartsuch, Scott
Matt Reitsetter, Black Hawk
Mike Knopf, Dubuque
Edward Thornton, Johnson
David Chung, Linn
David Miller, Jefferson
Diana Hansen, Poweshiek
Peggy Herman, Polk
Ted Sporer, Polk
Polly Granzow, Hardin
T.J. Augustine, Webster
Tamara Scott, Warren
Vergene Donovan, Dickinson
Ann Trimble-Ray, Sac
Mary Ann Hanusa, Pottawattamie

District Alternates

Steve Hoodjer, Butler
Nicole Baker, Clinton
Jeremiah Johnson, Dubuque
Bob Anderson, Johnson
Sarah Henderson, Linn
Rose Eaton, Linn
Roger Barr, Jasper
Charla Farnum
Wes Enos, Polk
Glen Massie, Warren
A.J. Spiker, Story
Crystal McIntyre, Warren
Linda Holub, Woodbury
Kurt Brown, O’Brien
Nancy Bowrey, Page

National Convention Committee Members

Steve Scheffler
Katie Koberg

Permanent Organization:
Loras Schulte
Vergene Donovan

Steve Roberts
Sandy Greiner

David Chung
Lisa Smith


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  1. Where are all the 4th District people?

  2. Mary Johnson says

    Is this my Republican slate – I think not. The people chosen have been handpicked (but for a few) by the Iowa Christian Alliance (ICA) who have a hidden agenda of their own. Those that are opposed to the ICA’s plans are bullied, harrased and excluded from partipating in the process. ICA even has a written plan on how to get elected and nominated, which was easy to do seeing has how Steve Scheffler nominated those he believed would follow his agenda. Needless to say I am again disillusioned in Iowa.