Swift Boat-esque group?

Just into the newsroom via email, a new group called "Vets for Freedom" — news release below.

On July 9, Vets for Freedom will hold a press conference—featuring over a dozen Iraq war veterans—to launch a national “Four Months, For Victory” media and grassroots campaign.  In addition, the campaign will closely target 12 key states, including IA.  The effort will culminate on Veterans Day (November 11) and is intended to inform the American public and key lawmakers about the phenomenal success that our troops have achieved as a result of the surge and the importance of ensuring victory in Iraq, Afghanistan and the overall Global war on Terrorism. 

The launch includes a multi-million dollar television-advertising buy in target markets and on national cable that will air next week and run throughout July and August.  The first television ad will be released at the press conference featuring the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans appearing in the ad.  These pointed ads are aimed at informing the American people about the truth regarding progress in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Simultaneously, Vets for Freedom will mobilize our grassroots veteran membership throughout the country to spread —the “ground truth”— about progress in Iraq and Afghanistan. The “Four Months, For Victory” campaign is a national grassroots effort taking place in all fifty states, but will aggressively focus on 12 key states that are home to key lawmakers: MN, IA, WI, MI, PA, NV, NM, MO, CO, OH, FL and VA. 

The Vets for Freedom State Captains from these states will have grassroots staff and resources available to mobilize local veteran volunteers. Vets in these states will call for victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by hitting the airwaves and pounding the pavement during the four months between now and Veterans Day, spreading the truth about the facts on the ground by drawing up their first-hand combat experiences.

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