$2.65 billion in flood aid — not quite

Just a clarification, as the figure $2.65 billion dollars in Midwest flood relief has been mentioned in several stories and Senator Charles Grassley was the latest politician to mention it during an interview with Radio Iowa.

The Bush Administration says there is $4 billion in the Disaster Relief Fund, and that will cover the FEMA spending on the Midwest flooding according to a variety of officials (like OMB chief Jim Nussle and the FEMA director).  The bill that’s moving through congress provides $897 million more for FEMA — but that’s to cover future disasters, if they occur.  The rest — $1.753 billion — is to be split among several agencies, ranging from the USDA, SBA, US Army Corps of Engineers and others — to be used for the Midwest flood response of those agencies.

So, the bill congress is approving provides over $1.7 billion for Midwest flood relief, NOT $2.65 billion.

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.