How bad is it?

Both of Iowa’s major political parties had planned to hold state conventions this Saturday in Des Moines, but both announced this afternoon the events would be postponed due to the massive flooding that is coursing through much of the state.

Democrats were first to make an announcement:  Chairman Scott Brennan announced today that the Iowa Democratic Party has postponed its State Convention due to the massive flooding and severe weather across Iowa.  “In the interest of public safety and out of concern for Iowans impacted by the flooding and severe weather, we have decided to postpone the Iowa Democratic Party State Convention,” said Brennan.  “As Iowans, we encourage everyone to work hand in hand with their neighbors on flood relief efforts across our state.” The Iowa Democratic Party will announce a new date and venue for the convention in the coming days.

The Republican Party of Iowa followed just about an hour later with this statement: The Republican Party of Iowa today announced that it is postponing its state convention scheduled for Saturday, June 14.  Chairman Stewart Iverson announced, “Due to the extreme flooding and severe conditions across Iowa, we are postponing our Republican state convention scheduled to be held Friday and Saturday, June 13th and 14th.  As of today, 54 Iowa counties have been declared a disaster area and the Des Moines River is expected to crest this weekend.  Our thoughts and prayers are with our fellow Iowans who are suffering and we encourage all of our delegates to check on their neighbors and help in any way possible.  The Republican state convention will be rescheduled for July 11-12.”

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About O.Kay Henderson

O. Kay Henderson is the news director of Radio Iowa.


  1. Nature Fights Back
    With over 92% of Iowa’s 36,000,000 acres of landscape dedicated to agriculture, is there any question that Nature is expressing a resounding “NO” to the contamination by GMO crops/pesticides/fertilizers/CAFO’s which have contaminated the corn/soy crops, the soil and the water of this state?
    Stick it to the corporations and farmers who live in ignorance of your Laws, Mother Nature! As you sow, so shall you reap.
    It’s time to wake up, IOWANS!

  2. catherine says

    that’s pretty bad form jal. people are dying, losing their homes, everythign they have–and that’s the kind of comment you leave? grow up