Super delegate Boswell not ready to jump Clinton ship

Congressman Leonard Boswell called into the Radio Iowa newsroom last night after he secured his 22-point primary victory over Ed Fallon.  It was also after Barack Obama had passed the threshold and secured the delegates he needs to win the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential nomination.  Boswell, as you may recall, endorsed Clinton in December and he is not ready to jump onto the Obama bandwagon. (Boswell, as a Democrat serving in congress, is one of those "super" delegates who get a vote at the party convention in Denver.)

Here is the 38 second audio file/mp3 of Boswell’s cicular response to a question about his endorsement.  Here is the text of what Boswell said:  "Well, I’m going to support whoever the nominee is and it looks like it’s coming to closure pretty fast. I haven’t been involved in it.  I’ve been involved in my own things, as you well know.  I’ve always felt with confidence that when June 3rd rolls around, as it has, shortly thereafter whichever one has got to make a decision, they will and I still think that’s going to happen and so I think this will be resolved relatively soon…(can’t understand his words; bad cell phone connection)…I don’t think we’re going to convention.  I think it’s going to resolved before that "

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