No Fallon/Boswell face-off

Congressman Leonard Boswell, a Democrat from Des Moines, has not appeared on the same stage with his primary challenger, Ed Fallon of Des Moines, and there is no plan for the two to meet face-to-face before the June 3 primary. 

During an appearance on KUNI earlier this week, Boswell said he was too wrapped up with his work in Washington, D.C. to accommodate debates or joint appearances in his schedule: "I have more to do than just campaign. I am in congress now and we’ve been in some very important issues going on.  The Farm Bill, for example, was very time consuming and I was on the conference committee, something that’s very important to Iowa.  I don’t set the schedule how that goes and so I had to be responsive to that and I thought that was probably the top priority."

At one o’clock Wednesday, May 28, the Fallon campaign issued this news release:

Ed Fallon is making one last appeal to Congressman Boswell to attend tonight’s 3rd District Democratic candidates debate at 7:00 PM at the State Historical Building, 600 E. Locust in Des Moines. Boswell has stated that he would be not be available for any debates because he would be too busy in Washington or had other conflicts.

Fallon said, "According to a Boswell campaign press release, I understand that tonight at 6:00 PM he is a guest on "Outdoors with Outdoor Dan" radio show on KRNT 1350 AM in Des Moines. Since the radio program ends at 7:00 PM, I want to make sure the Congressman knows that he’s still welcome to participate in the debate, even if unscheduled."

Fallon notes that the Primary election is just six days away and says, "This is one of the last chances for voters to see us face to face and learn where we stand on the issues."

Boswell has appeared publicly with Senator Tom Harkin at two weekend news conferences recently in Des Moines to talk about the Farm Bill.  This morning, he appeared at an event in Des Moines with Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge.  Subject matter was the need for better dental care for "disadvantaged" kids, according to a release from Boswell’s congressional office.

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